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Full text of "MASSIVEfantastic Emagazine #9: The HAUNTINGLY WONDERFUL Art of Richard Sala!"

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MASS I lfEf a ntasti C lmagailne#9 

Art Of Richard Sala! 

Richard Sala! FANTASTIC haunting, creepy and humorous artwork 
best describes the AWESOME art of Richard Sala! Sala's art 
combines all the elements of classic traditional horror art, except 
with RRllllANT color! in this Emagazine I've combined just a few of 
my FAVORITE of Richard Sala's work! Re sure to check out his 
websites for tons more GREAT CREEPY art!! 

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page 46 

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8 Questions with Richard Sala 

1 Who are your favorite artists? 

Charles Addams, Leonora Carrington, Chester 
Gould, Lee Brown Coye, Jack Kirby 

2 How important is it to you to pursue your artistic 


Very, very, very important! It's kept me sane! 

3 How and when do you get your best ideas? 

I'm usually out walking when I get my best ideas. I 
don't know why that's better for me than staring at a 
blank piece of paper - but it just is. Ideas or solutions 
to problems in stories will pop into my head from out 
of nowhere. Often I'll suddenly know where a story is 
going and have pages of new ideas. The problem is 
that sometimes I don't have my pen and notebook 
with me and I have to try to remember it all! 

4 Can you describe your creative process when 

making art? 

I make little scribbled drawings to figure out 
compositions. Sharpen pencils. Pencil the art. Ink the 
art. Color it with watercolors. 

5 What medium and tools do you use? 

Pen and ink and watercolors. Arches 90 lb. hot press 
watercolor paper (for color work). Bristol paper if 
it's only a black and white line drawing. 

6 What is your ideal work environment? 

My studio - where I've been for years and years. It's 
got a window over-looking the street. That's where I 
spend most of each day. I have two separate tables. 
One has a lightbox for the preliminary work and the 
other is where I do all my inking and painting. 

7 What is the secret to creating a great piece of art? 

I wish I knew! If you find out please tell me! 
Seriously, I think you have to just be yourself — that’s 
what makes art great (as opposed to just popular): 
individual, distinctive visions or styles. 

8 If you could give other artists one piece of advice what 

would it be? 

You've got to really love to do it. I had one of those 
"fork-in-the-road" moments early in my life where I was 
thinking of going back to school for another degree so I 
could teach — and all I could think of was how much I 
wasn't looking forward to that. So I went with the much 
harder path - freelance illustrations and comics, because 
that's what I really wanted to do everyday.